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RazerEdge® – Proven to perform better in the long run

Western Australian iron ore miner exceeds longest run production targets by using RazerEdge® lips
March 30th, 2015|

WA biggest miner eliminates reactive downtime

One of West Australia’s biggest iron ore miners eliminated reactive downtime by switching to RazerEdge®
March 30th, 2015|

CQMS Razer’s cast lip range boosts productivity by 4 to 15%

CQMS Razer’s cast lip range underpins boost in productivity by 4 to 15 percent for a major Hunter Valley mine
March 30th, 2015|

Slash maintenance downtime – savings up to $530,000 p.a.

RazerEdge® GET Cuts Reactive Downtime. Eliminates downtime for maintenance savings of up to $530,000 p.a.
March 30th, 2015|

Major WA miner achieves nearly $3m savings

Massive savings with RazerEdge® - A major WA iron ore miner achieved nearly $3m savings per annum changing to RazerEdge®
March 30th, 2015|

CQMS Razer at the Texas Mining & Reclamation Association meeting, October 26-28, 2014


September 30th, 2014|

CQMS Razer To Acquire LC Engineering

logoLogo LC Engineering

Increased innovations into the mining industry for optimised productivity, control and profitability.

The Directors of CQMS Group Holdings 1 Pty Limited (CR) and LC Engineering Pty Limited (LC) today announced that they have reached agreement for CR to acquire one hundred percent of the shares of LC.  The Companies expect to complete the transaction in coming weeks.  All the operations of LC have been acquired by CR, with the exception of the LC Energy business, which will be separated out prior to completion.

CR are a global product engineering and manufacturing company who specialise in the research and development of Cast LIP and Ground Engaging Tool (GET) Product Systems for use on large surface mining equipment, including dragline machines and hydraulic excavators (shovels).  Over the years this activity has built CR a large body of registered intellectual property which is now embodied in its innovative product systems that today are delivering unique, high productivity solutions to major mining companies globally.

LC is an engineering and consulting company with industry leading research and development capability which has resulted in continuous innovations and associated intellectual property.  With many years of experience supporting the industry’s major mining companies, LC has particular expertise in the dragline and hydraulic excavator sectors, including in Cast LIP and GET product systems and associated enabling information system technology.

LC has developed a range of electronic Logging and Monitoring Products and Software Systems used on mining excavation equipment.  The premier LC Product is the Titan™ Excavator System.  Titan™ includes highly sophisticated instruments and algorithms which calculate and display the excavator payload of each bucket accurately, in real time and during motion, […]

September 11th, 2014|

Full marks for Quality and Environment

A great news story! featured in Benbow Environmental’s recent newsletter

The Principal Consultant supported by Linda Zanotto, Senior Environmental Engineer, were able to support CQMS Razer’s management team to achieve ISO 14001 accreditation for the complex manufacturing facilities operated by CQMS Razer across Australia.

This is a tremendous achievement and brings a level of pride in our manufacturing industry that can be shared by all Australians who want our manufacturing industry to survive and survive it well.

What does achieving ISO 14001 accreditation involve? and why is it worthwhile?


August 28th, 2014|


We employ and develop people with exceptional technical skills and a strong customer focus.
From foundry to field, every member of our team is guided by clear values and supported in their daily activities by second to none safety and quality systems.

CQMS Razer people are given the opportunity to stretch their capabilities and utilise their functional expertise to collectively secure our future as vibrant and viable private Australian company.

If you think you would like to join our ever growing team, please look through the opportunities below and remember to bookmark the page.


December 13th, 2013|



CQMS Razer leads the pack for innovation, engineering and manufacturing once again with it’s latest addition to the field the RazerEdge® Cast lip for small production hydraulic excavators in the 250 Tonne plus. Single pour strength with streamlined fully engineered design this little champion cannot be beaten by other options in it’s class.
CQMS Razer’s dedicated engineering team have designed a revolutionary lip to enable mine sites to even further maximise in field profits by focusing their efforts on the overlooked small production hydraulic excavator category.

Although lips and buckets are considered to be a minor asset, the efficiency and longevity of the small production hydraulic excavator can have a major impact on the “bottom line”, and should not be ignored.


The CQMS Razer i3R system offers excellent feedback opportunity for existing customers which has now been reflected in this fully engineered innovation. The key issues for customers downtime, efficiency and cost which has been addressed by the CQMS Razer engineering team with the RazerEdge®.

The continual down time and associated expenses incurred replacing the industry standard “plate lips” is now a thing of the past thanks to the revolutionary design.

The integrity of lip is significantly improved in strength by utilising the single pour method of manufacturing. Combine that with the uniquely streamlined design of the bucket which reduces “hangup” and you have an unbeatable product.

According to the CQMS Razer research and development team in conjunction with our industry onsite live site testing partner , the reports are very positive with data revealing 14% more BCMs per hour than a plate lip on the same machine , on the same site, […]

November 28th, 2013|