Global Support

It’s our commitment to ground breaking product innovations and continual improvement that defines who we are as a business, how we operate and the value we deliver to our customers

Our Reach

CR operates globally covering most major mining regions. CR employs over 400 people located in offices and plants in Australia, China, North + South America, Africa and Europe.

CR’s unparalleled, innovative products are backed by high touch mine site support. Backing the front line sales staff and CR dealers is a team of product managers and engineers, who are global experts in their fields.

Quality Assurance + Supply Certainty

CQMS Razer is accredited to ISO18001 (safety), ISO14001 (environmental) and ISO9001 (quality) international standards.

CR’s philosophy of continuous improvement underpins the high quality of our work practices and manufacturing systems. Quality assurance starts in the product design phase. Extensive customer feedback is incorporated in the conceptual product scope of work. Next, each and every product is subjected to DFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) and a manufacturing PFMEA prior to engineering product release. All new products are introduced using the PPAP (Product Part Approval Process) documentation, a comprehensive first article trial process to ensure compliance.

We monitor all stages of production, undertake comprehensive quality inspections for both intermediate manufacturing processes and finished goods. Quality data, including ITP documentation, is collected and retained by CR for all process steps to ensure product conformance and traceability.

All key manufacturing processes are supported by Operations Procedure Documents, which are a step-by-step visual explanation of the manufacturing process. All foundry and workshop facilities are subject to regular audits to check they are capable of producing product on time and within design specifications.

We have the global capacity, commitment to quality assurance, on the ground technical expertise and latest clean-steel technology to manufacture and deliver on our service offer to international markets.

Unending Product Innovation

When you understand how materials may behave when mined, when you can verify it with repeatable scale testing, when you can track and understand genuine bucket dig trajectories, and when you understand how to test these real peak and cyclic loads that show up as stresses on a whole bucket or lip system, well then you can design unconventional products. Products that break new ground, literally, every day.

The result of 3 decades of continuous improvement, CR’s products are field proven through our i3R reporting system. A weekly in-field inspection and reporting system that has captured field data over more than 3 million operating hours on all major OEM machines in all types of applications.