TITAN_AMMCQMS Group Holdings acquired  LC Engineering on the 10 December 2014.

The President and CEO of CR advised that, “We at CR are delighted to now include the LC Business within our Group of Companies. The LC technology, especially the Titan ® Product Range, is technology for our time today. As miners strive to reduce costs, those who are successful have realised that the accurate real time measurement of production and equipment performance is an imperative for their operations. The Titan ® System enables miners to dramatically reduce the truck and shovel deviation from targeted load rates, leading to step changes in production rates, truck fleet utilisation and importantly lower costs per tonne of resource shipped.”

LC has developed a range of electronic Logging and Monitoring Products and Software Systems used on mining excavation equipment. The premier LC Product is the Titan™ Excavator System. Titan™ includes highly sophisticated instruments and algorithms which calculate and display the excavator payload of each bucket accurately, in real time and during motion, before it is dumped into a truck. Titan™ provides reporting and real-time performance analysis that leads to increased excavator and truck productivity on mine sites and reduces equipment downtime, improving mine site productivity and profitability.

To find out more about LC Engineering click here https://www.lc.com.au/products.aspx