Safety at CQMS Razer : A Core Value

Every day our safety goal is that every employee goes home in the same shape they came to work. We aim to achieve this goal day by day by identifying and eliminating all workplace hazards to ensure injuries never occur. It is based on the belief that all injuries (and incidents) are preventable, with focus, commitment and accountability by everyone. We continuously monitor, review and improve our safety culture and practices to achieve our goal.




Our day to day safety culture comes from making safety part of everything we do, under our core value of Safety Always.

Our Safety Statistics

All CQMS Razer sites are accredited to ISO18001. In September 2015 as a group CQMS Razer achieved 3 year’s LTI free.






Recently key sites have achieved new records through the daily focus and commitment to safety:

  • Perth site achieved 5 year’s LTI free in May 2015
  • Maryborough achieved 3 year’s LTI free in June 2015, and
  • Tomago achieved 3 year’s LTI free in March (January)  2015.


We acknowledge these achievements are based on the work of our employees, who have worked to implement new procedures, learn new skills and continually remind each other that the first goal of every job is Safety Always. For more information on our Safety practices, standards or definitions, please contact us.