The Hunter Safety Awards were held in Newcastle on March 17, and we are proud to say that our Tomago Operations Facility was nominated for ‘The Most Improved Safety Idea to make the Workplace Safer’ award.

Our nomination was due to the success of our Tomago site implementation of a traffic management plan. A project team was formed to plan and execute this alteration to the flow of the traffic amongst the site. This project consisted of a cross-functional team including the Branch Operations Manager, Customer Service Manager, Warehouse, and Manufacturing teams all working together collaboratively to implement a safer working environment.

The biggest challenge for this project was to redirect walkways, the workability for all staff, to make the traffic plan both safe and practical. There were many areas to be considered; the loading zone, the walkway around the entire plant and the yard area. These areas affect both external freight companies, forklift operations, visitors and all Tomago staff.

Being nominated for this award just proves our commitment to the Company Values; Safety, Collaboration, Respect, Accountability, Integrity, and Excellence. Our Values underpin our strong Safety Culture, and the support we hold for one another.