Safety, experience, science and engineering innovation lie at the heart of our commitment to delivering solutions that meet the needs and challenges of a modern mining industry.

Our Technology is backed by a comprehensive range of unique capabilities and highly skilled team members, to meet the individual needs of your project, mining strategy or application. CQMS Razer are committed to service quality, speed, and reliability underpinned by our values.


CQMS Razer is committed to providing and maintaining a work environment which is free from harm through leadership, continual improvement and personal commitment from all employees.

We maintain a Safety Management Plan which provides a structural approach to OHS, promoting communication and effecting key actions that make health and safety a normal component of all aspects of work.

A key element of our Safety Effort in 2016/2017 has been a focus on the reduction of high consequence hazards across the business.

CQMS Razer’s first value is Safety; Safety Always

We are committed to injury prevention. We support our teammates to keep safety at the top of our minds and encourage every team member to speak up. We believe that no job is so important that we cannot find the time to do it safely

NB: (1) Long Term Injury Frequency Rate Moving Annual Total (LTIFR – MAT). LTIFR: number of lost time injuries occurring in a workplace per 1 million man-hours worked

We acknowledge these achievements are based on the work ethic and personal commitment of our employees, who have endeavoured to implement new standards and continually seek new ways to further improve the safety culture and positive outcomes at CQMS Razer consistent with our fundamental belief and First Value: Safety Always.

We are committed to achieving safe work outcomes

Our personnel work in multiple manufacturing sites and interact with our customers on a daily basis on mine sites across the world.

Key sites across our global business continue to achieve new records through their daily safe work focus and commitment to personal injury prevention:

  • Perth achieved 7 years LTI free in May 2017
  • Maryborough achieved 5 years LTI free in June 2017
  • Tomago achieved 5 years LTI free in January 2017
  • Mackay achieved 4 years LTI free in September 2016
  • Goodna achieved 9 years LTI free in August 2016
  • Frisco achieved 5 years LTI free in December 2016

We acknowledge these achievements are based on the work ethic and personal commitment of our employees, who have endeavoured to implement new standards and continually seek new ways to further improve the safety culture and positive outcomes at CQMS Razer consistent with our fundamental belief and first Core Value: Safety Always.

We are committed to working safely with our customers

CQMS Razer prides itself on working closely and collaboratively with our customers and suppliers to deliver technology and productivity solutions that add value for our customers. This includes development of:

  • safe equipment designs;
  • safe work instructions for equipment and parts installation; and
  • software for efficient and safe operation of mining machinery.

For more information on our injury prevention practices, standards or definitions, please contact us.

Technical Expertise

Science and engineering innovation lie at the heart of our commitment to ongoing research, product development, and client problem-solving. We develop unique products and solutions to meet the real needs and challenges of the mining industry, combining the latest technologies with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of mining environments and processes.

CQMS Razer research programs focus on the development of productivity enhancing, high-quality innovations that are in demand by the world’s best miners, such as Mining Information Technology systems, including our Titan range, innovative cast lip systems, high-performance dragline buckets, and ground engaging tools.

Once our products are installed in the field, CQMS Razer’s i3R philosophy and software technology closes the feedback loop, resulting in ongoing system understanding to deliver future innovation.

At our Technology Centre we have industry benchmark facilities, including the ability to scale test new concepts on excavators, rope shovels and dragline mining machines. This capability allows CQMS Razer to collaborate with the world’s best miners, and deliver performance outcomes within 2% of our findings from 1:7 scale testing. Our Technology Centre combines advanced capabilities in software development, digital vision systems and measurement, plus advanced engineering tools like DEM and FEA.

Quality Assurance

Our accreditation includes OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management), AS/NZS ISO14001:2004  (Environmental) and AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 (Quality) International Standards.

Our philosophy of continuous improvement underpins the high quality of our work practices and manufacturing systems. We work towards delivering CQMS Razer i3R promise which is, inspect, record, report and recommend.

We monitor all stages of production, undertake comprehensive quality inspections for both intermediate manufacturing processes and finished goods. Quality data, including ITP documentation, is collected and retained by CR for all process steps to ensure product conformance and traceability.

All critical manufacturing processes are supported by Operations Procedure Documents, which are a step-by-step visual explanation of the manufacturing process. All foundry and workshop facilities are subject to regular audits to check they are capable of producing a product on time and within design specifications.

We have the global capacity, commitment to quality assurance, technical expertise and the latest clean-steel technology to manufacture and deliver on our service offer to international mining markets.


CQMS Razer’s philosophy of Inspect, Record, Recommend and Report set a standard in surface mine condition monitoring.

Today, the philosophy of i3R stands as our commitment to collaboration and continuous improvement at CQMS Razer. We strive to ensure dedicated Technical Field Support team members are positioned to oversee each and every field installation.

Our support includes commissioning, system fitment and removal training as well as regular performance reporting. i3R is an all-encompassing support based monitoring and reporting system, designed to benefit individual sites’ unique applications, all part of the CR service. i3R is an integral part of our product development and continuous improvement feedback cycle.


Offering the highest level of engineering expertise and high strength large alloy casting manufacturing technology, we have the production capacity innovative capabilities that ensure we are the leaders in surface mining cast components.

From the largest and strongest of alloy steel castings through to specialised polyurethane products and pulley lagging components, our in-house casting and production facilities deliver a range of products and services.

  • Alloy steel castings: Our centre of excellence in Maryborough, Australia, enables CQMS Razer to develop innovative methods, to cast the world’s largest single piece cast lips, to the highest quality. Backed with a global foundry footprint, our foundries have the capacity and capabilities to meet the highest global manufacturing expectations, all with Safety First.
  • Fabrication, machining, and manufacture: CQMS Razer’s capabilities in fabrication and machining extend from simple bushing through to complete construction of precision engineered stone dusters and dragline buckets up to 100m3. We offer a range of general and specialised fabrication services including abrasive blasting and painting, and MIG, TIG and conventional welding.
  • First fit supervision: We offer dedicated on-site commissioning and first fit supervision and site installation support, as well as offer advanced technical, operational and maintenance training.
  • ISO Standards: Our fabrication and machining facilities are qualified to globally recognised ISO Standards.
  • Polyurethane moulding and heat treatment: We provide precision polyurethane moulding and encapsulation in a range of standard and complex, custom shapes – from 1kg moulds up to 300kg items.
  • Pulley lagging: Using our vulcanized pressing process, we manufacture a range of high-quality lagging products and components. Our facilities use a variety of materials to suit your application, from natural rubber and FRAS rubbers, through to polyurethane.

Tomago Facility Capabilities (Australia)
Mackay Facility Capabilities (Australia)

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