CQMS Razer CQMS Razer Mining Products will help your mine site achieve its productivity goals


Our Surface Mining Technology range is specifically designed to deliver productivity solutions for miners across all commodities, and machines including hydraulic face shovel, hydraulic back hoe, draglines and mining front end wheel loaders. Our cast lips offer more production hours and performance outcomes than any other lip in the market, while our dragline buckets provide the longest campaign life with the shortest fill-time and highest payload available. Our G.E.T. supports the whole range while delivering the strongest noses, most efficient digging profile with the best penetration. The CQMS Razer Surface Mining Technology range helps your mine site achieve its productivity goals.


Our Digital Technology range of products include Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation system, Titan 3620™ GET optimization, Titan™ Digital Terrain Mapping and Orion Data Analysis. Our advanced Digital Technology developments provide real-time data, delivering efficiency and productivity improvements to mine sites across the globe. The expertise behind our Digital Technology software came from years of in-field experience, training, research, data, innovation and knowledge. Our team of developers and engineers work to continually optimise our range of products and software systems that work together to deliver productivity outcomes, which meet the needs and challenges of the mining industry. Our Titan range delivers immediate and long-term productivity improvements, by providing real-time data to operators, maximising load haul payloads and shovel efficiency, ensuring effective decision-making. Titan is supported by our Orion data reporting, which presents rich data in a range of effective daily, weekly and dynamic reporting views to the mine site, highlighting critical productivity indicators and operator statistics. Miners can control variability and adopt better practices ensuring the machine performance is fully optimised. Our Digital Technology range supports your sites with the data so you can enhance existing assets, and increase productivity on site.


Our Wear Protection and Processing range includes Plate, Block and Wear products, such as Domite®, Remar, Rubbadex, NiHard, PACplate and RazerOptics. Our leading brand Domite® is made to the highest specifications using a high alloy mix for proven longer wear life. Extreme protection, for extreme applications extending the life of your fixed plant assets.