Dragline Rigging and Locks

CQMS Razer dragline rigging components work together to reduce system weight, increase productivity and reduce your downtime.

CQMS Razer (CR) have a leading range of rigging parts and systems, designed and engineered to endure harsh operating conditions, from single dump to double dump class dragline buckets. All of our dragline rigging incorporates our reliable, rigging pin and hammerless locking systems. Today, leading global dragline operations benefit from the strength, quality and speed of CR dragline rigging.

All of our customers receive a personalised rigging map for the ongoing management of the dragline rigging components in use. In line with our i3R philosophy, we can assist to keep track of your rigging – its performance, reliability and wear.

Our dragline rigging parts include; retainers, dump blocks, hoist sockets, upper hoist, spreader bars, trunnion links, drag shackles, drag sockets, dump circuit, dump links, and dump sockets.

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