CQMS Razer offer a full range of G.E.T. and Lock Systems to ensure productive mining equipment and optimal performance.


No matter what your commodity, CQMS Razer (CR) have a full range of GET to ensure your cast lip remains productive and delivers optimal performance. We have a large range of GET available from overburden application for dragline machines, to heavy duty excavator applications, we have a GET range suitable for your needs.

Our G.E.T. is engineered to ensure there are no compromises between productivity and reliability:

  • We offer the strongest noses in the market;
  • Have dynamic retention systems such as our Wedgelock™ and Wedgetail™ adapter locking systems;
  • Our T-Bolt shroud locking system reduces load transfer, which can reduce maintenance costs, and offer increased reliability;
  • The geometry of shroud is engineered with the all-important lip-to-tip plane alignment, ensuring that the bucket fills fuller with as little resistance as possible; and
  • Hammerless attachment methods ensure safe, simple and fast change-outs, reducing maintenance and operation costs.


Our innovative locking systems are fast, safe and reliable and are designed to be hammerless, for simple and safe maintenance.


Designed for use in demanding dragline and excavator applications, CPX™ has been designed and engineered for maximum performance and life.


Our T-Bolt shroud retainer system is tried and proven in all applications of mining. Using standard tools maintenance is safe, simple and fast.


Featuring dual-side take up and standard tooling, the Wedgelock™ is the safest, strongest and most reliable locking system for both dragline and hydraulic excavators. The Wedgelock™ has been proving its worth for more than 11 years in the world’s harshest mining conditions.


The Wedgetail™ locking system has been the most trusted and successful adaptor locking system for dragline buckets for more than a decade. Featuring dynamic locking and standard tooling requirements the Wedgetail™ is strong, safe and dependable for any dragline application.

Universal Lifting Hook

Available to order today, the CR Universal Lifting Hook provides customers with a safer, more secure and quicker method for lifting worn G.E.T. during maintenance.

More durable than slings or other improvised lifting devices, the Universal Lifting Hook is specifically designed to improve the safe handling of worn Quicktips, Adapters and Boxpoints keeping our customers safe.

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