CQMS Razer CQMS Razer Conveyor belt trackers are designed to suit your conveyor belt & application

CQMS Razer Tunnel Track

The CQMS Razer Tunnel Track belt tracker is suited to applications where conveyor belt tracking poses an ongoing issue to conveyor belt performance. By deforming the conveyor belt, the CQMS Razer Tunnel Track belt tracker forces the conveyor belt to maintain the desired position. Best suited for short centered and reversing conveyors where belt tracking can cause problems with conveyor belt reliability.

CQMS Razer Track

CQMS Razer Track belt trackers are a custom built design to suit the individual needs of the conveyor belt and application. The CQMS Razer Track belt tracker designs incorporate both Return and Trough trackers with varying Roller configurations. The CQMS Razer Track belt tracker helps eliminate belt tracking issues on virtually any conveyor belt application. Each CQMS Razer Track belt tracker utilises existing site rollers and a serviceable bearing unit to help keep ongoing maintenance requirements to a minimum.
Available in 3 duty applications – Standard Duty, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty.