CQMS Razer CQMS Razer Digital Technology range includes Titan 3330 Load Haul Optimization

Our Digital Technology range of products include Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation system, Titan 3620™ GET optimization, Titan™ Digital Terrain Mapping and Orion Data Analysis. Our advanced Digital Technology developments provide real-time data, delivering efficiency and productivity improvements to mine sites across the globe. The expertise behind our Digital Technology software came from years of in-field experience, training, research, data, innovation and knowledge. Our team of developers and engineers work to continually optimise our range of products and software systems that work together to deliver productivity outcomes, which meet the needs and challenges of the mining industry. Our Titan range delivers immediate and long-term productivity improvements, by providing real-time data to operators, maximising load haul payloads and shovel efficiency, ensuring effective decision-making. Titan is supported by our Orion data reporting, which presents rich data in a range of effective daily, weekly and dynamic reporting views to the mine site, highlighting critical productivity indicators and operator statistics. Miners can control variability and adopt better practices ensuring the machine performance is fully optimised. Our Digital Technology range supports your sites with the data so you can enhance existing assets, and increase productivity on site.

Mining Data Analysis Platform

Orion Data Analysis is the data analysis platform from CR, delivering productivity insights to operational teams, from the Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation or Titan 3620™ G.E.T Productivity Optimisation Systems.

The Titan data analysis reporting covers a range of productivity and maintenance critical metrics, including fleet analysis of all shovels running with CR systems, specifies the operator’s overall spread of payload distribution, production rates, cycle times, boom and stick duty to highlight a few.

The report depicts normal operation and also highlights important stress and fatigue recorded on the machine through a range of colour coded bars which relate back to operator performance.

The Orion data analysis also shows when the machine has had a break, for instance between day and night shift, as well as any unplanned downtime. The report allows Production and Maintenance to observe an operator’s performance and determine what benchmarks to set to ensure production and maintenance targets are achieved.

Digital Terrain Mapping Technology

Titan 3650™ Digital Terrain Mapper (DTM)  involves using machine mounted laser scanners and GPS sensors to scan the surrounding mine terrain and produce an accurate map of the landscape, in real time.

The Titan 3650™ DTM system provides live feedback to operators and allows the mine to:

  • Reduce dig to plan errors BEFORE the dragline is moved
  • Accurately measure rehandle, on a volumetric and time basis
  • Improve accuracy and timeliness of all surveys around the dragline
  • Eliminate surveyors from the pit (estimated ROI time for this system is less than three months, without reference to the safety and reduced workload benefits).

The digital terrain mapping technical details include:

  • Integration with production monitor and mine planning systems
  • Live updates of the terrain in the dig and dump zones with altitude errors of 99% up time.

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G.E.T Productivity Optimisation Technology

The new, Titan 3620™ GET Tooth Loss system, creates a new industry standard that optimises the performance of G.E.T systems on large surface mining face shovel excavators when combined with the Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation system.

Titan 3620™ features advanced, technology capabilities that allow a mine operator to view, detect and monitor their G.E.T. The intuitive software alerts the machine operator in real- time, on tooth loss events, therefore reducing the risk of site downtime and penalties.

The operator can view the real-time, pass-by-pass G.E.T conditions from the Titan 3620™ add-on, which appears on the Titan™ Load Haul Optimization screen already installed. Together, both systems can improve the load haul fleet productivity, through increased payloads, reduced cycle times, optimised G.E.T and use dig trajectory feedback to guide the operator in energy efficient, low machine stress cycles.

Just like the Titan 3330™, the display screen integration for the Titan 3620™ allows the operator to measure the performance of the machine in real-time during each mining cycle, as well as visibility of the G.E.T system and alerts. An operator can maximise total tonnes moved and meet safe capacity requirements for each mining truck.

The advanced reporting functionalities from the Titan™ suite help improve operator performance through self-correctable damaging dig techniques, which will reduce structural fatigue, maintenance on the G.E.T, face shovel excavator machine, and truck, and will optimise their combined performance.

Titan 3620™ will continue to innovate mining with ongoing technology releases. The future of the Titan™ brand is ensuring our customer’s mine sites are optimised for productivity, by delivering a product that aligns with their operational strategies.

The Titan 3620™ system provides data to help your team make the right decisions. Optimise your mine site today by adding the Titan 3620™ G.E.T Productivity Optimisation*system to your fleet.

*Titan 3620™ is an Advanced Technology add-on, to enhance the Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation technology suite, and will not function as a standalone solution.

Load Haul Optimisation Technology

Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation Technology unlocks and maximises new productivity benefits for your mine site, with real-time data.

Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation Technology is the leading real-time hydraulic shovel payload monitoring system, increasing average payloads while reducing safety overloads, delivering improved production over an optimised load haul fleet.


  • Intuitive in-cab operating system providing real-time feedback and reporting
  • Cycle and truck payload to target realtime data
  • Structural fatigue monitoring of the Boom and Stick
  • Daily dashboard reporting of machine and operator performance
  • High-Precision GPS (HPGPS) and machine reducing level (RL) to enable dig to plan
  • Simple, intuitive user interface (UI)

Titan 3330™ system uses highly sophisticated instruments and patented algorithms to calculate and display the payload of each bucket, accurately, in real-time and during motion, before it is dumped into the truck.

The intuitive user interface, displays the real-time data, to assist the operator with accurate truck loads by allowing them to understand the current bucket weight, and what the remaining payload target is, in real-time.

Titan 3330™ enables its users to set specific payload targets to individual trucks, and can automatically recognize arriving trucks and their target payload, using RFID technology. The targets set, allow the mines to align their fill rates to the sites production strategy, further optimising the load haul fleet.

The Titan™ technology automatically recognizes non-productive loads, and only allocates those loads that are dumped into the trucks, as ongoing payload data. Once a truck is at target capacity and leaves, Titan automatically refreshes the payload data, calibrating for the next truck in line.

By providing our customers with real-time production and fatigue monitoring data, Titan allows operators to self-correct potential damaging dig techniques, which improves their overall performance and reduces the possibility of damage to the digger and trucks, potentially reducing unscheduled downtime.

The Titan™ daily reporting platform, Orion™, details the operator’s overall performance, which means you can measure efficiency and production statistics for each operational shift. The Titan reporting platform also includes the excavator summary report which is cycle-by-cycle data showing production and fatigue monitoring. Key metrics can be set to enable operators to stay on target, limit overloads and promote efficient production across any load haul fleet.

Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation Technology supports your mine site in exceeding its operational objectives.

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