CQMS Razer The most technically advanced dragline buckets engineered to drive your mining efficiency and productivity.

Industry Leading Productivity

Productivity is key to your business – and ours. Since 1988, CQMS Razer (CR) has been the leader in dragline bucket innovation, delivering step changes in productivity with every new generation bucket delivered to dragline mining operations. Through our unique scale testing facility located at our Technology Park, combined with dragline production data monitoring software and analysis, CR’s patented, best practice designs reduce weight, increase payload and increase availability for dragline operations around the world.

Payload capacity and fill time are two fundamental priorities when it comes to choosing the right dragline bucket for your mine and machine – not to mention safety, maintenance and longevity.

This continues today. We have deployed more than 230 of the most reliable, high-performance dragline buckets around the world.

Our designs allow our engineering products team to collaborate with you, to deliver a bucket to maximise the productivity of your dragline, in any mining conditions. With sizes available for all applications – from small class 8050 draglines to the largest 8750 class dragline bucket in the world, we have a combination of dragline bucket, dragline G.E.T, and rigging, to suit every mine condition, machine size, and model.

In line with our i3R philosophy, our relationship with you continues long after a dragline bucket has been commissioned. We offer a range of complementary services to maximise the performance and life of your dragline bucket, including regular maintenance inspections to cycle-by-cycle performance analysis.

Additionally, CQMS Razer can tailor complete wear packages according to abrasiveness, campaign targets and digging conditions, for all CQMS Razer dragline buckets and others, plus of course our wide range of dragline ground engaging tools, including bucket teeth, dragline bucket-shrouds, adapters, and retainers.

CQMS Razer has a range of dragline buckets, including our industry benchmark, Hurricane 2.0™, and Hurricane™, as well as the conventional EarthEater™, Loadstar™ and the ultra-low profile, lightweight arch-less Scoop™. For more information on EarthEater™, Loadstar™, and our Scoop™ buckets, please contact your local CQMS Razer representative or dealer for a detailed assessment of your productivity targets and mining conditions.


CQMS Razer Hurricane™ dragline bucket represents the industry standard in bucket design and technology, launched in 2007. The Hurricane is a fast-filling, consistent and high-efficiency dragline bucket. With its patented, wide, low profile and slimline lip design, the Hurricane also provides substantial energy savings due to reduced drag energy when compared to traditional shaped dragline buckets.

Delivering higher productivity through:

• Faster filling and dumping
• Lower energy consumption
• Easier handling
• Robust and reliable design
• Lower rebuild costs.

Hurricane™ 2.0

Next Generation Performance

CQMS Razer has reset the benchmark for dragline bucket performance – again. The Hurricane™ 2.0 dragline bucket delivers productivity gains of over 16% compared to conventional dragline buckets.

With over 30 years of industry-leading dragline knowledge and millions of cycles of dragline data, we’ve achieved the next generation of Hurricane™ performance to drive mining efficiency.

Hurricane 2.0™ is the most technically advanced dragline bucket the industry has ever seen.

Get set for a step-change in productivity and realised coal value from your dragline fleet.

Driving Productivity

  • Increased Payload
  • Unlocked Capacity
  • Reducing Fill Times
  • Reduced drag energy

Eradicating Convention

  • Increased bucket strength
  • Improved cast geometry
  • Innovative patented design
  • Hammerless G.E.T