CQMS Razer CQMS Razer's Orion Data Analysis delivers productivity insights to operational teams

Mining Data Analysis Platform

Orion Data Analysis is the data analysis platform from CR, delivering productivity insights to operational teams, from the Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation or Titan 3620™ G.E.T Productivity Optimisation Systems.

The Titan data analysis reporting covers a range of productivity and maintenance critical metrics, including fleet analysis of all shovels running with CR systems, specifies the operator’s overall spread of payload distribution, production rates, cycle times, boom and stick duty to highlight a few.

The report depicts normal operation and also highlights important stress and fatigue recorded on the machine through a range of colour coded bars which relate back to operator performance.

The Orion data analysis also shows when the machine has had a break, for instance between day and night shift, as well as any unplanned downtime. The report allows Production and Maintenance to observe an operator’s performance and determine what benchmarks to set to ensure production and maintenance targets are achieved.