CQMS Razer RazerOptics wear monitoring system for aggressive material handling

Wear liner tracking


The patented CQMS RazerOptics™ wear monitoring system is designed to provide in-process wear liner tracking. This facilitates safe and cost effective management of wear in critical and aggressive material handling environments.

RazerOptics™ significantly reduces the manual intervention and shutdown process of the liners wear condition, by providing a simple visual status alarm for the wear plates once worn. By optimising the wear plates, allows consistent and even wear across the chute, leading to extended time and reduced preventative maintenance requirements. This also assists in reducing safety hazards as it limits confined space inspections, and overall exposure.

RazerOptics™ features include once installed;

  • Alarm sounds when the pre-selected wear liners wear to the pre-defined measures set by the user.
  • The RazerOptics™ system offers a choice of an 8 liner model or 12 liner model to suit your needs.
  • LED lights for easy status monitoring.
  • Powered through a heavy duty connector for 24v DC input and a 2-Relay output.
  • Pre-programming via a colour touch screen and micro SD Card for event data logging.
  • Modem with email and SMS functionality for accessing data logging reports.

To find out more, please contact a CR representative.