CQMS Razer CQMS Razer Surface Mining Technology is designed to deliver productivity solutions for miners

Our Surface Mining Technology range is specifically designed to deliver productivity solutions for miners across all commodities, and machines including hydraulic face shovel, hydraulic back hoe, draglines and mining front end wheel loaders. Our cast lips offer more production hours and performance outcomes than any other lip in the market, while our dragline buckets provide the longest campaign life with the shortest fill-time and highest payload available. Our G.E.T. supports the whole range while delivering the strongest noses, most efficient digging profile with the best penetration. The CQMS Razer Surface Mining Technology range helps your mine site achieve its productivity goals.


CQMS Razer dragline rigging components work together to reduce system weight, increase productivity and reduce your downtime.  We have a leading range of rigging parts and systems, designed and engineered to endure harsh operating conditions, from single dump to double dump class dragline buckets.  All of our dragline rigging incorporates our reliable, rigging pin and hammerless locking systems.  Today, leading global dragline operations benefit from the strength, quality and speed of CQMS Razer dragline rigging.

All of our customers receive a personalised rigging map for the ongoing management of the dragline rigging components in use.  In line with our i3R philosophy, we can assist to keep track of your rigging – its performance, reliability and wear.

Our dragline rigging parts include; retainers, dump blocks, hoist sockets, upper hoist, spreader bars, trunnion links, drag shackles, drag sockets, dump circuit, dump links, and dump sockets.



Safe, Secure + Reliable
Our innovative locking systems are fast, safe and reliable and are designed to be hammerless, for simple and safe maintenance.


Designed for use in demanding dragline and excavator applications, CPX™ has been designed and engineered for maximum performance and life.


Our T-Bolt shroud retainer system is tried and proven in all applications of mining. Using standard tools maintenance is safe, simple and fast.


Featuring dual-side take up and standard tooling, the Wedgelock™ is the safest, strongest and most reliable locking system for both dragline and hydraulic excavators. The Wedgelock™ has been proving it is worth for over 11 years in the worlds harshest mining conditions.


The Wedgetail™ locking system has been the most trusted and successful adaptor locking system for dragline buckets for more than a decade. Featuring dynamic locking and standard tooling requirements the Wedgetail™ is strong, safe and dependable for any dragline application.



No matter what your commodity, we have a full range of GET to ensure your cast lip remains productive and delivers optimal performance. We have a large range of GET available from overburden application for dragline machines, to heavy duty excavator applications, we have a GET range suitable for your needs.
Our G.E.T is engineered to ensure there are no compromises between productivity and reliability:

  • We offer the strongest noses in the market
  • Have dynamic retention systems such as our Wedgelock™ and Wedgetail™ adapter locking systems
  • Our T-Bolt shroud locking system reduces load transfer, which can reduce maintenance costs, and offer increased reliability;
  • The geometry of shroud is engineered with the all-important lip-to-tip plane alignment, ensuring that the bucket fills fuller with as little resistance as possible
  • Hammerless attachment methods ensure safe, simple and fast change-outs, reducing maintenance and operation costs

Industry Leading Productivity

Productivity is key to your business – and ours. Since 1988, CQMS Razer (CR) has been the leader in dragline bucket innovation, delivering step changes in productivity with every new generation bucket delivered to dragline mining operations. Through our unique scale testing facility located at our Technology Park, combined with dragline production data monitoring software and analysis, CR’s patented, best practice designs reduce weight, increase payload and increase availability for dragline operations around the world.

Payload capacity and fill time are two fundamental priorities when it comes to choosing the right dragline bucket for your mine and machine – not to mention safety, maintenance and longevity.

This continues today. We have deployed more than 230 of the most reliable, high-performance dragline buckets around the world.

Our designs allow our engineering products team to collaborate with you, to deliver a bucket to maximise the productivity of your dragline, in any mining conditions. With sizes available for all applications – from small class 8050 draglines to the largest 8750 class dragline bucket in the world, we have a combination of dragline bucket, dragline G.E.T, and rigging, to suit every mine condition, machine size, and model.

In line with our i3R philosophy, our relationship with you continues long after a dragline bucket has been commissioned. We offer a range of complementary services to maximise the performance and life of your dragline bucket, including regular maintenance inspections to cycle-by-cycle performance analysis.

Additionally, CQMS Razer can tailor complete wear packages according to abrasiveness, campaign targets and digging conditions, for all CQMS Razer dragline buckets and others, plus of course our wide range of dragline ground engaging tools, including bucket teeth, dragline bucket-shrouds, adapters, and retainers.

CQMS Razer has a range of dragline buckets, including our industry benchmark, Hurricane 2.0™, and Hurricane™, as well as the conventional EarthEater™, Loadstar™ and the ultra-low profile, lightweight arch-less Scoop™. For more information on EarthEater™, Loadstar™, and our Scoop™ buckets, please contact your local CQMS Razer representative or dealer for a detailed assessment of your productivity targets and mining conditions.

Industry leading Cast Lip Systems

CQMS Razer (CR) Cast Lip systems are specifically designed to deliver productivity solutions for miners in all applications, from wheel loader to Hydraulic Excavators (200t to over 1000t). Our Cast Lip systems are designed at our Technology Park in Australia, and manufactured globally. Our Productivity Technology excellence ensures machines are more productive, no matter what commodity or mining challenge.

Our range of cast lips are designed with superior productivity features that deliver improved performance in all commodities, they are the lightest and strongest cast lip available in the market.

Whether you are targeting increased productivity, increased utilization, improved cycle times or optimized fill factors, with our expert advice and support network, you can be sure our Cast Lip System is the right choice.

The CQMS Razer Cast Lip range is the largest in the market, with options available across three product groups; Stingray™ Cast Lip Range, DecaEdge™ Cast Lip Range, and RazerEdge™ Cast Lip Range. All Cast Lip Systems are available in varying sizes, and specifications to drive productivity on your mine site, backed with an extensive range of G.E.T options to maximise performance.

New DipperEdge

DipperEdge™ will transform the standard for rope shovel dippers.

Designed for the wide radius rope shovel dipper, DipperEdge rope shovel cast lip system will increase productivity through a reduction of downtime, and safety risks, which can be associated with mechanically attached adapters and weld on stabilizers.

Have a look around! Click and move the above image

The DipperEdge will outperform the standard rope shovel cast lip, due to its integrally cast TRS35 class nose, alloy casting, and reduction in mass by up to 15%. This design feature allows for a higher capacity bucket that will increase lift volume and reduce dig energy.

The DipperEdge cast lip system includes hammerless locking rope shovel G.E.T, alloy casting, a smaller cross section with material distribution strategically placed, making it specially designed for productivity on your mine site.

Download the DipperEdge™ brochure here.


CQMS Razer Hurricane™ dragline bucket represents the industry standard in bucket design and technology, launched in 2007. The Hurricane is a fast-filling, consistent and high-efficiency dragline bucket. With its patented, wide, low profile and slimline lip design, the Hurricane also provides substantial energy savings due to reduced drag energy when compared to traditional shaped dragline buckets.

Delivering higher productivity through:

• Faster filling and dumping
• Lower energy consumption
• Easier handling
• Robust and reliable design
• Lower rebuild costs.

Hurricane™ 2.0

Next Generation Performance

CQMS Razer has reset the benchmark for dragline bucket performance – again. The Hurricane™ 2.0 dragline bucket delivers productivity gains of over 16% compared to conventional dragline buckets.

With over 30 years of industry-leading dragline knowledge and millions of cycles of dragline data, we’ve achieved the next generation of Hurricane™ performance to drive mining efficiency.

Hurricane 2.0™ is the most technically advanced dragline bucket the industry has ever seen.

Get set for a step-change in productivity and realised coal value from your dragline fleet.

Driving Productivity

  • Increased Payload
  • Unlocked Capacity
  • Reducing Fill Times
  • Reduced drag energy

Eradicating Convention

  • Increased bucket strength
  • Improved cast geometry
  • Innovative patented design
  • Hammerless G.E.T


The DecaEdge™ Cast Lip Range builds on the experience of our proven Stingray™ and RazerEdge™ cast lip systems.

Employing plane alignment, spade angle optimization, and optimized material placement, the system removes outdated plate lip features, and delivers;

  • Up to 7% less downtime
  • 34% strength increase
  • 27% mass reduction
  • 30% reduction in digging force

DecaEdge™ lips can go for more than 12 months’ maintenance free on WA1200 class loaders.

Specifically designed teeth and shrouds mean that every time GET is replaced the underside wear package is refreshed, meaning that expensive wear blocks and wear packages are no longer required.

The DecaEdge™ range features both 10 station and 11 station cast lips, suitable for L1850 and L2350 class loaders. CR is the only manufacturer to offer a range of cast lips for mining ultra class wheel loaders in the world.

Cast Lip Case Study – DecaEdge™

* Validated against Plate lip on Hydraulic Excavator & Face Shovel Wheel Loaders for both DecaEdge™ & Stringray™


The RazerEdge™ Range of cast lips are designed to replace outdated plate lip systems, on 200t to 500t excavator machines. These are the only proven cast lip systems for under 500t machine, delivering maintenance and productivity improvements for 5+ years in all types of applications, including Iron Ore and Coal in Australia, Coal in Indonesia, Silver in America and Gold all over the world.

RazerEdge™ lips are specifically designed to remove the weaknesses that are associated with weld on adapters and G.E.T by removing the weld on adapters, RazerEdge™ lips are almost 30% stronger.

This offers significant savings in maintenance hours and costs, but also delivers an opportunity to increase machine availability significantly.

RE1522 Cast Lip System

CQMS Razer introduces the RE1522 Cast lip system into the RazerEdge™ Range as part of the ever expanding cast lip offerings. The RE1522 is the smallest cast lip ever designed by CQMS Razer suited to 100t-140t class machines.

The RE1522 boasts superior strength increases over conventional plate lip installation. It provides increased reliability with significant improvements in maintenance and associated downtime related to G.E.T. changeouts. The RE1522 single piece cast lip removes excessive heat effected zones, sharp transitions and uncontrolled weld stresses by eliminating them altogether. The design significantly reduces risks associated with G.E.T. changeouts and improves maintenance practices by eliminating requirements for hot work on continual repair welds.


The Stingray™ Range of cast lips are suited for excavator machines from 500t class and up, these are fitted across the globe on some of the largest excavators in the harshest conditions, including Platinum in South Africa, Iron Ore in Russia, Copper in South America and Magnetite in Australia.

Our Stingray™ Cast lip system was designed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading OEMs; including CAT, Liebherr, and Hitachi.

Plane alignment and Angled Shrouds ensure that Stingray™ cast lip systems deliver;

  • a 10% productivity gains
  • >6% strength increases
  • 8% mass reduction
  • 10% lower penetration forces

* Validated against Plate lip on Hydraulic Excavator & Face Shovel Wheel Loaders for both DecaEdge™ & Stringray™