CQMS Razer Titan 3620 G.E.T Productivity Optimization system will optimise the performance of GET systems

G.E.T Productivity Optimisation Technology

The new, Titan 3620™ GET Tooth Loss system, creates a new industry standard that optimises the performance of G.E.T systems on large surface mining face shovel excavators when combined with the Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation system.

Titan 3620™ features advanced, technology capabilities that allow a mine operator to view, detect and monitor their G.E.T. The intuitive software alerts the machine operator in real- time, on tooth loss events, therefore reducing the risk of site downtime and penalties.

The operator can view the real-time, pass-by-pass G.E.T conditions from the Titan 3620™ add-on, which appears on the Titan™ Load Haul Optimization screen already installed. Together, both systems can improve the load haul fleet productivity, through increased payloads, reduced cycle times, optimised G.E.T and use dig trajectory feedback to guide the operator in energy efficient, low machine stress cycles.

Just like the Titan 3330™, the display screen integration for the Titan 3620™ allows the operator to measure the performance of the machine in real-time during each mining cycle, as well as visibility of the G.E.T system and alerts. An operator can maximise total tonnes moved and meet safe capacity requirements for each mining truck.

The advanced reporting functionalities from the Titan™ suite help improve operator performance through self-correctable damaging dig techniques, which will reduce structural fatigue, maintenance on the G.E.T, face shovel excavator machine, and truck, and will optimise their combined performance.

Titan 3620™ will continue to innovate mining with ongoing technology releases. The future of the Titan™ brand is ensuring our customer’s mine sites are optimised for productivity, by delivering a product that aligns with their operational strategies.

The Titan 3620™ system provides data to help your team make the right decisions. Optimise your mine site today by adding the Titan 3620™ G.E.T Productivity Optimisation*system to your fleet.

*Titan 3620™ is an Advanced Technology add-on, to enhance the Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation technology suite, and will not function as a standalone solution.