CQMS Razer Titan 3560 Digital Terrain Mapping (DTM) produces an accurate map and live feedback in real time

Digital Terrain Mapping Technology

Titan 3650™ Digital Terrain Mapper (DTM)  involves using machine mounted laser scanners and GPS sensors to scan the surrounding mine terrain and produce an accurate map of the landscape, in real time.

The Titan 3650™ DTM system provides live feedback to operators and allows the mine to:

  • Reduce dig to plan errors BEFORE the dragline is moved
  • Accurately measure rehandle, on a volumetric and time basis
  • Improve accuracy and timeliness of all surveys around the dragline
  • Eliminate surveyors from the pit (estimated ROI time for this system is less than three months, without reference to the safety and reduced workload benefits).

The digital terrain mapping technical details include:

  • Integration with production monitor and mine planning systems
  • Live updates of the terrain in the dig and dump zones with altitude errors of 99% up time.

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